Are you right now at a stage in life when you feel like you want to make a massive change because you want to live a better life or an awesome life or you know that you have to change something otherwise you will be miserable but you are not sure if it is the right time now? 

You might say to yourself “I will do it tomorrow.” It is a procrastination! Are you wondering when should you start? Let me explain how to motivate yourself to take the step and change your life.

Most of us live our daily live in a routine – going to school or work, meeting people we know, filling tasks, eating, having fun or relaxing, sleeping and repeating it all the time. We don’t even have a time to think much about doing something differently

If everything relatively works for us, we can feel some kind of security, and we are not pushed to change anything. Even if we are unhappy, we just know what to expect. We keep following our comfort zone.

Then imagine when we have to adapt to a new situation how it makes us feel so uncomfortable. Our feelings are full of fear of unknown, fear of failure or not being accepted and that blocks us to even start! 

We might also start, not like it and then hide ourselves to our safety shell and make excuses “It is not the right time now.” Does it sounds familiar to you?

How to push ourselves to start NOW and avoid procrastination?

Where is the motivation come from? Motivation is a direction, a movement that push us towards a certain goal. It has a deep value behind that we hold and works towards it naturally because we just have a clear picture how badly we WANT IT!!

Motivation is sometimes “a must” in case of survival. 

For example, think about a situation when something serious happened to you and you had to deal with that situation. Whether if you lost your job, your partner left you or anything else – your priorities changed in that time. You were no longer doing the same routine as for example wake up in the morning, going to work and going home, or spending time with your partner every weekend. 

Your days changed. Your thinking made a shift and your brain started approaching new options. You could fell in depression in that time, it is also part of the shift that happened because you suddenly lost your routine and certainty. 

However, at this stage I am not going to talk about depression but I would like to share my thoughts definitely later.

When we have to do the change and our options are narrowed, we are pushed to start reorganizing our time, priorities, values, and we just try to adapt to a new condition. 

It is actually the easiest time when to do the change. We are motivated to do some ACTION, because we have no other choice.

Think about any moment of your life when you went through difficulties and how strongly motivated you were to change it. The strongest it was, the more energy you had , and you could say to yourself “No, I don’t want this anymore!!!”

Is it really necessary to wait until something happen and then change your life?


Do you have to wait until someone dies, until you lose your job, your partner leave you or until you get seriously injured to be able to do the STEP and start changing your life? You might think – “I am not strong enough, it is too hard to make a change.” Or even worse “I don’t have a time!” 

Don’t let these thoughts to swallow you! Does it serve you? NO! So why don’t you take a one day just for yourself and sit down and think about your life what do you really want and why? Find the REAL purpose of it and what is behind. 


How do you want to live?

What do you need to change in order to achieve what do you want?

Are you happy now or do you know that you can do something better in order to feel happy?

This is just an example of questions, there is much more but I just want you to imagine how this process work. It will help you to go and TAKE THE ACTION! Whether is it learning the skill you need in order to get a better job, start regular exercising because you want to look fit, eating healthy because you want to feel great or if you want to find your dream partner.

If you find your deeper WHY, It will help you to not make EXCUSES because the excuses what you create all the time are not for anyone else then you. They block you to succeed!

Let’s summarise how to actually find the right time to make a change. 

You might have heard that the best is now. You might think “I have to do this and this first..” or “I have my responsibilities, I cannot do the change now. “ Well, it can be true and I don’t tell you to stop everything and do a massive change immediately. 

However, the sooner you start the quicker you get the results. What will be the biggest regret you will have? “Why haven’t I started earlier? I could have been this happy much earlier.” Let’s make the change now and remember – don’t overthink it!

We are living on this planet for a limited time and the more you push your true desire away, the more you lose your precious time that you could have enjoyed a lot more without feeling stressed, miserable, upset or depressed.


“The biggest regret that we usually have is why we haven’t started earlier.”


How would your life be like if you feel happy with yourself, doing what you love, being proud of yourself, surrounded by people who you love and accepted for who you truly are? 

THE TIME for a CHANGE is NOW.:-)

Leave a comment what do you think.;-)

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