Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! For me, personally, Australia has a special spirit that just matches with my energy. When I first came to Australia, I didn‘t expect that I will fall in love with this country so much! 

My attention was dragged to Hawaii, that was my dream country full of magical spirit, love and peacefulness. However, once I entered Australia, I felt that there is some reason why I am here. I would like to share my view how I see this AMAZING continent!

Friendly people

I have been living in Australia for 3 years already. The living in Australia is so different in comparison to the Czech Republic. I love the open-mindedness, friendliness, and calm spirit. People are also more confident, and they don’t worry too much as in the Czech Republic. Australians are happy to help you and they are friendly, they can be curious and want to talk and you feel most welcome. I don‘t say that you cannot find an angry person or someone who just don‘t care. There are some, but these type of people are everywhere in the world no matter which nationality they are.

I also feel I can find the right connection with people who are willing to learn, to grow and I just love it! This influence is stronger here than anywhere else. I feel that there are so many people who are making an influence to change the world for better. Maybe I am just crazy but I really feel that way! 🙂 

I always feel here just so good! Every day has something special, something exciting that I have never felt back in Czech.

Nature and the ocean

I love the connection with the nature and a lot of empty places to escape. When I feel like disappearing from the rush, crowd and reconnect to myself, I go to the ocean. There are also some beautiful hike spots with amazing mountains around. 

For me personally, ocean or valley surrounded by mountains to see it from the bottom and having a picnic always win.:-)

And… I don’t need to travel to another country to see the ocean which is for me incredible! In Australia, we can live in the countryside, ocean or be in the city with a full range of entertainment. 

The weather is mild (ok, I am not talking about Melbourne, haha) but it still doesn‘t go below zero or maybe very rarely.

City life

I also love the style of the cities. When I walk in the street I feel the energy that matches with my personality. I mean in the way of no rush, think positively and smile. 🙂 It is stronger than in other countries that I have visited. I also feel a feeling of freedom here. 

Although each city has a slightly different spirit, I love to visit any of the cities. However, Brisbane is my „secret lover“. I just cannot describe what attracts me so much in here, but I just feel like this is my home.

Apple Pie Martini (one of my favourite)

Cafes and clubs

Some Cafes have a beautiful decoration and serves truly amazing coffee (if the Baristas are trained well, haha 😀 ). I also enjoy classy bars with stylish design, having a nice drink, dress well, having an intelligent conversation, connect with people with a passion.

Dining in Melbourne is absolutely incredible, so many options of different cuisines! Energy in Brisbane is extraordinary, a bit of chill and bit of excitement, networking connection as well. It is a city surrounded by a lot of nature. Sydney is for me a symbol of Australia with the stunning Harbour Bridge and Opera house, I love the botanical garden there or just chill out on Bondi Beach.

Sexy language

Australian English has a lot of slang and when you first arrive here (if you are a foreigner), you might feel that you don’t understand what they are talking about. 🙂 However, with time you will get used to. 

The most common phrase is „No worries“ and the word „mate“ will follow you everywhere.:)

I also love English language and the various accents from English-speaking countries are just sexy for me.:) I love being different as a foreigner, being exotic.:) I

 sometimes feel like living in a movie. You know, speaking English, meeting people who look like from a movie (ok, it is not the USA but I still have this feeling :D).


I feel safe here. Walking up late in the evening is not a problem, there is less crime than anywhere else. I also like the service. For example, if you order a meal and you just don‘t like it because they made it wrong, you have a right to complain. They usually replace it without a problem. Also, there are a price matching rules. If you buy anything in a shop and find out the same product cheaper (and prove it) with the competitor (not an online store), you can get it for the same price.

Healthy lifestyle

I also noticed that healthy lifestyle becoming more and more popular in Australia. There are a lot of healthy meal choices for takeaways – healthy salads, rice paper rolls or acai bowls and smoothies. I am obsessed with searching for a healthy food that I see it everywhere I go. I love being inspired and follow my healthy lifestyle. Lots of people doing sports activities in the parks, exercising yoga or go to a gym.

If you are a person who loves the exercising and healthy lifestyle, people will like it, encourage it and admire it. I remember back in Czech when I was exercising or eating healthy some people used to tell me: „Oh, you are eating a salad, do you want to lose weight?“ or „You are already slim. Why do you exercise?“ or „You need to eat fat, you are too slim.“ And other stupid comments. Haha. They just didn‘t understand that living a healthy lifestyle is not about short-term losing weight but it is a lifelong commitment in order to feel good and be healthy as long as we can. There are no rules how we should look likes. Everyone has a different body type, the goal is to be the best version of yourself.

Variety of culture

The culture of Australia has so much variety and you can choose who you want to be surrounded. Each suburb in each city has kind of typical groups of nationalities and you might feel like you travel to a different country but you are still in Australia! Amazing! 🙂 Once you want to be with Aussies, then meet some Europeans or Asians, then go to yoga and connect with Indian spirit. There are a few Americans as well. 🙂 Isn’t it awesome?:-) Occasionally, you can also meet people from very exotic islands and learn about their culture.

Cute animals

I love that I can see kangaroos in a wild nature, cockatoo, kookaburra, dolphins or whales! I have seen a koala in a wild nature as well but it is very rare! The animals are just amazing here!

Exploring myself

I feel that Australia has changed my life forever. I have connected with true myself, it opened up to me who I want to be and who I am becoming. 

Every day here is like a journey and even if have sometimes challenges in my life, I am connected to the right energy which causes me that miracles are just happening!  Any experience like this always takes me to the next level of awareness. I always listen to my inner voice.

To sum up, I love Australia for the variety of choices, I love the ocean, coffee, and energy.:) I can write about it hours and hours what do I love as I feel really excited about it.:-) 

However, for now, I will let you absorb my article and I would appreciate hearing your opinion about Australia. Doesn’t matter if you are Australian or foreigner. I am curious to hear both opinions.

Leave a comment here.:)

4 thoughts on “Why do I love Australia? The story by the eyes of a Czech lady”

  1. I have always wanted to visit/live in Australia ever since I was a little girl.I haven’t been able to go yet however, I did live in Hawaii for five years and absolutely loved it because it had it city, country, mountains, valleys, forest, and the ocean. Everything you could possibly want!

  2. Wow, that’s awesome. It must be a paradise to live in Hawaii for a while.:-) Nature is absolutely stunning there! Next time I would like to explore Maui.:-) You should definitely try to visit Australia as well. Let makes your dreams come true!

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