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How Relaxation Increase Productivity?

Don't be tense

Some people are naturally driven. They might be even workaholics and never want to stop. It can be an advantage to achieve great things in life but it can also affects our health, relationships and create a possession of wanting more and more. Sometimes we just need to relax. 

If we are constantly fill our time with tasks and barely rest, it can lead to never be truly happy for what we already have. It is ok to relax. Some people can hide behind being busy but not really being productive. If we are too focused on goals, our mind might keep wondering about the future. Consequently, it can lead to never be present now.

Once you learn how to relax, it will bring you a new perspective of your goals and its purpose. It will also help you to have a time to consider if you are heading in the right direction. 

Have you ever had that feel when you were chasing a goal but then you ended up not fully satisfied? We might chase happiness but if we don’t enjoy the process to get there we are only living in future. 


Why are you busy?

It is ok to plan, have dreams and go for it. However, enjoying the presence is also very important.

The reason why we want to achieve our dreams is the comfort that it will bring us, the feeling that we can have, the people we want in life, the career we want etc. 

Once we achieve it, we can experience a sudden feeling of kind of emptiness after the initial excitement. We might suddenly gain more time and not knowing what to do with it.  Then we might be surprised that was it and then not be that excited because we don’t have more to fight for. 


5 Key benefits of relaxation

If you relax on regular basis, you will realise more why are you doing what you are doing. Therefore, you don’t get “surprised” of a sudden empty feel. If you learn how to relax you can become happier, you can organise your thoughts and not feel overwhelmed, exhausted and lost.


By sitting after a long day and letting go all thoughts and just being in a present moment, it allows you to regenerate from all the pressure you have been exposed to. It is ok sometimes just sit and relax. You don’t need to feel guilty.

Organising your thoughts

By relaxing you can switch off one part of your brain and activate another which can help you get new insights into your mind. Relaxation between work increase productivity.


If you relax you will have enough strength to do the activities and hobbies you want. Therefore,  your mind will become happier. You can spend more quality time with people who matter to you and enjoy the present moment.

Releasing tension

It has been proven that relaxation lowers our blood pressure. For those, who suffer from anxiety, relaxation techniques are great to reduce it. You might try meditation

It is just powerful for overall wellbeing. Personally, since I started meditating regularly, I feel much calmer.

Remind yourself these benefits anytime when you are in time pressure, stressed or overwhelmed. I noticed that even just 15minutes meditation creates miracles.




Understanding yourself

If you learn how to relax you will explore more about yourself. With time you will enjoy relaxation without feeling bored but actually, truly enjoy it. The feeling of happiness is not always keeping busy all the time. Let’s face your true self.




Relaxation keeps our body function and mind healthy and prevent us from being overwhelmed. It might sound like a simple thing but not all people really allow themselves to fully relax.

If you are a person who struggle with letting everything go, try practice more how to relax. You will see surprising results. I always need to remind myself these benefits as I tend to think a lot and explore lot of things and not stay still. 

When I relax more often I noticed how I actually get more things done and how my mind become sharper and how I feel more energised and happier. 




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  1. Great suggestions!

  2. People take very little time for themselves during the day. I think we should do activities like meditation for at least half an hour during the day.

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