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Why Should We Start Travelling while We Are Young?

When we are young we are excited to try new adventures, and we are less worried about anything. We can go out of our comfort zone easier than when we get older. 

Most of us are trying to figure out what do we actually want in life and trying to find ourselves. Therefore, it is a great opportunity experience the world, explore ourselves, our needs, passion and create our perfect life.


I started travelling when I was a kid, so I got the chance to see the world at early age. I think that travelling open our eyes and help us to understand the differences in the world from our perspective rather than what we hear from media or see in photos.

Also, I would say that learning another language from an early age is definitely worth. Especially for people who comes from countries with a language that is not used worldwide. 

Travelling for me doesn’t mean just a standard vacation. For me it has a deeper meaning – exploring the culture, seeing different points of view, habits from someone who comes from different background and noticing what all people connects together.


The most incredible experience is to travel while you are still a student.

You can try a year abroad as an exchange student, working holiday or volunteering for a few months, if you are brave enough you might even study a university abroad

The long term experience can truly open your eyes and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. It will stay with you, and no one will take your memories and what you have learned and the incredible feeling of being alive. 

The spice that create the flavour of life is the variety and the exploration.

How Will Travelling Change You?

Travelling also help you to understand what you like and don’t like, it will help you to understand your challenges, create a clearer picture of what do you want in life, find your life purpose, passion and even a dream place to live. 

In everyday life we might live in a rat race – going to work, do our routines, and next day repeat the same, so then we might forget what we actually want in life and what is our purpose. 

You might have figured it out already, that’s great but if not watch these lines carefully.



What Are the Benefits of Living in a Foreign Country?

The sooner you start travelling, the better you realise what do you want and who are you . If you just imagining it but not experience it, it feels different.

Living in a foreign country makes you stronger and if you are a shy introvert, it will help you to interact with people more often and you will become more confident.

You might even become smarter as you need to learn another language and use a different part of your brain when you struggle with understanding.

You will also challenge more problems that will occur more often than if you stay home and are surrounded by all people you know without getting to know new people. You will become friendlier as you don’t want to be lost and lonely. You will start seeking for a connection.

You will become more open-minded and more respectful to others. If you are someone who is stuck in life and cannot change your mindset, it is one of the healing method that will help you to start again with a fresh mind and create your own life.



We always regret what we haven’t done rather than what we did wrong. Therefore, the more you push your dream away, the greater regret you will have. What will happen next is that you wish you have already started.

However, don’t be desperate if you feel that you are too old to travel, don’t worry, just TAKE THE STEP. 

Don’t wait for a perfect moment! 

Explore the world now. Everything starts with the decision and then just book flight tickets and accommodation, pack your stuff and woohoo the adventure begins!


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